The Natural Revelation Can Easily Lead A Person Away From Monotheism

the-natural-revelation-standardWhether Christ was the son of God (which I still loosely believe) or not is largely irrelevant in my opinion because Christ upheld the crazy atrocities of God in the Old Testament (flooding the earth, genocide of Israel’s neighbors, excessive judgment of human sin when God gave such little support/instruction throughout much of history) and New Testament (cosmically condemning humans for failing to achieve moral perfection even though God made them ignorant and ill-equipped to face serious ethical challenges, automatically sending all persons to an eternal hell for a finitely imperfect life unless they wholeheartedly submit to such an unjust and brutal God).  Except perhaps for significant numbers of religious Jews and other scattered segments of humanity during the past two thousand years, most people never had a legitimate and healthy presentation of biblical teaching regarding how to live fully as human beings and express a passionately and wisely full relationship with nature and a monotheistic God.  Without direct biblical teaching, loving and respectful leadership and convincing evangelization, the natural revelation can easily lead a person to a polytheistic, animistic, pantheistic, atheistic or panentheistic viewpoint.  I am not driven primarily by anger against God, Bible and Christianity in this critique, but by an attempt to enjoy my life and find out more accurate and comprehensive understandings of God, religion and nature.

I believe that God is both good and evil.  I conclude this after looking at the Bible, the natural revelation and my own experience.  I think that Christianity needs to be vastly renovated and cleared of the atonement system (among other unjust things). So, would this still be Christianity?  Probably not.  Many of the wisdom teachings of the Bible are very helpful and inspiring, yet I think that the obsession that the Bible and Christianity have with spiritual warfare, the doctrine of original sin and the need for salvation from a condition we are born with are incredibly misguided and seem to me like a massive distraction from living in abundantly rich and honest reality.



  1. The whole premise Paul presents in the Book of Romans is that Natural Revelation meshes with Special Revelation. His argument is that belief in God is a properly basic belief, as far as the term ‘properly basic beliefs’ are defined in philosophy. What is the case is Paul was operating out of confirmation bias.

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