Disproving Christianity In Four Sentences

1. For thousands of years, the Christian faith has claimed that the world became a harsh environment of intense suffering and death only after the first humans rebelled against God.

2. We can know that the above event never happened because every field of science has increasingly demonstrated in great detail for the past two centuries that the “natural evils” were built into the normative functionality of the cosmos for billions of years: meteors, disease, tornadoes, earthquakes, predation, tsunamis, death, volcanoes, birth defects, droughts, hurricanes, etc.

3. Since a “fall” or “decline” of humankind from a peaceful and harmonious state into disarray and strife definitely did not occur, there is no epic need for salvation, a terrible calamity leading to new levels of human suffering was not caused by some dramatic human wrongdoing, and thus one of Christianity’s major foundations is empty.

4. We humans encounter difficult problems, but these are finite challenges – not part of a cosmic dilemma that a god must help us to solve.



  1. Children live in a blissful state of innocence not knowing right from wrong until human kind teaches them different. I believe this is the downfall that Christianity Is referring to. It has nothing to do with the Dilemma that mother nature puts us through.

    • Hi Linda,

      Christianity and the Bible teach that the original humans rebelled against God. This caused great suffering and death to be part of human experience afterward. This also created a situation of relational separation between God and humanity. Christianity and the Bible say these are reasons that we need salvation.

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