Did God Create Humans As Weak And Sinful?

did-god-create-standardIt is obvious to me that God is largely responsible for our condition at birth and afterward (She/He designed us with severe weaknesses and flaws).  We are culpable to a limited amount for our sin and should be held accountable to a reasonable degree.  I don’t know exactly what this punishment or consequence should be for individual acts of depravity, but it certainly shouldn’t be to live in such a harsh world as this one without possible escape or relief until death, and to later be potentially sent to hell forever (especially given how naturally ignorant human beings are).  If creatures made with intelligent care by God, whether ones with free will or not, keep on behaving the same way over and over, without exception, then this is clearly a design error.  And if the deeply systemic moral dysfunction known as original sin spread throughout the human race because of one big rebellious act by Adam and Eve, who knew so little about God and the world (or the vastly horrific consequences of disobedience), then the concepts of fairness, proportionality and sustainable design aren’t valued in the divine heart or mind.


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